Sunday, March 22, 2009

Majority of Rosalie Gascoigne's evocative work is centered on a strictly structured arrangement of fundamental shapes such as rectangles and squares within a grid. Gascoigne uses objects she has found over a long period of time and kept until they are suitable to use in an arrangement. She is mostly found using materials such as wood, iron, wire, feathers and yellow retro road signs, which flash and glow in the light.
Through the use of these industrial debris, Gascoigne achieves rhythm and and movement through repetition and patterning. The use of recycled materials in her work conveys a concern for the environment and is evidently a practice of the green movement.

Text is another important element of Gascoigne's work. She would cut up and rearrange the lettering found on the items she would collect in order to create abstract yet evocative grids of letters and word fragments. This text would sometimes allude to the poetry and crosswords she loved.
Gascoigne follows a careful placement with no modifying or altering of the material, which allows the artist to convey a sense of a particular place very accurately.

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