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ATTENTION to Jeremy!

I have included two images of where to shoot when standing on each elevator to trigger the movers :)

EXP: Two Draft UT2004 File links to Filefront;13920408;/fileinfo.html

The file name is myexp3withmesh3.ut2;13920423;/fileinfo.html

The file name is lovelylovely6.ut2

EXP 3: Final UT2004 File in Filefront;13920322;/fileinfo.html

and filename has been shortened to DM-ARCH1101_yvette_fenech3.ut2

EXP 3: Final Images

Miuccia's space has been inspired by her Prada label's style of design. Prada had been referred to many as sophisticated and simple yet provocative. I intended to express these design ideas throughout the space. I have used linear and straight geometry througout most of the space to demonstrate the maturity and sophistication of Miuccia's power. The curved geometry that can be seen in the front of the space symbolises the roots in which Miuccia's Power grew from; fashion. This space directly relates to Prada as a status symbol, Pradas style being simple, mature and sophisticated and Miuccia's POWER involving wealth, dominance and respect.

The meeting space for Miuccia and Madonna demonstrates ideas of power linking together as one. The space is similar to the two client's spaces in regards to size and simplicity. The two colours used within the space symbolise the corregation that will occur of both women. Both clients are seated a fair distance away from each other to demonstrate the contrast in personalities and paths takes to attain power. Despite their different backgrounds, both women have an opportunity to do business together as symbolised through the rectangular beams connecting both sides of the table.

Similarly to Madonna's elevator, table and chair, her space is quite expressive of her power, dominance and success. The space draws its form from Madonna's dramatic and diverse career. The interior of her space reveals a simplistic and modern style that portrays her ownership of power in regards to wealth and musical success within society. This space is more free and expressive than Miuccia Prada's space and directly links to Madonna's personality and ownership of POWER.

EXP 3: Final Sketchup Elevator for Madonna

Madonna has become one of the most successful female artists, earning 110 million during 2008. Madonna is a prime example of how material wealth can equal power. Madonna’s successful career has led her to become one of the most powerful women due to her musical success and wealth. Other wealthy and powerful individuals such as Paris Hilton, Victoria Beckham and David Beckham have items such as chairs, iPods and even cars personalised for them. I believe that the personalisation of items such as cars, amplifies the importance, success, wealth and most importantly power of the individual who the item has been personalised to. Madonna’s elevator has a personalised M in the centre to reflect my beliefs that personalisation of expensive items symbolises a form of power. Surrounding the M is a ring of poles which enhance the importance of Madonna as she stands in the centre of this ring. This exclusive elevator is a reflection of Madonna’s importance and power within today’s society.

EXP 3: Final Elevator for Miuccia Prada

Prada has become known as fashion of elegant creations which contain simple yet provocative style. Miuccia Prada’s designs for the fashion label have been referred to as cool, comfortable, graceful, pure and minimalistic. Prada has become a major status symbol throughout the world and within my model, I have anticipated for my elevator to convey a similar style to the fashion label in order to achieve an idea of power throughout. The elevator I have designed for Miuccia Prada is simple yet sophisticated. I have presented Miuccia as a powerful individual by designing a crown like structure which surrounds her as she uses the elevator. Miuccia not only becomes the focal point of the elevator, but she becomes one with the Prada badge she stands on as the elevator base. This badge is a symbol of sophistication and prominence. The crown like design symbolises success, wealth, superiority, leadership and POWER.

EXP 3: Final Table for Meeting Space

The table I have designed for the meeting space of Miuccia Prada and Madonna effectively links both clients and their attainment of power. As can be seen on the left side of the table, is the name PRADA, reinforcing the idea that personalisation equals power. On Prada’s side of the table, there is a curved base symbolising the smooth process Miuccia has experienced to attain the level of power she holds today. Although Miuccia had to prove to herself as a successful businesswoman to three male family members, once she began designing for Prada, her fashion became an instant success. Miuccia’s power can be seen in the form of the table that is simple, sophisticated and tidy. On madonna’s side of the table, an upside down pyramid type structure can be seen. This structure begins small and increases in size as it reaches closer to the table top. This development in size represents madonna’s slower process to attain power. Madonna began as an infamous singer and with each album release, gained more fans, more wealth and more POWER. The translucent table top allows both women to reflect on their journeys to present day and appreciate the power they currently hold.

EXP 3: Final Chairs for Meeting Space

The two chairs are intended to be representations of Miuccia and Madonna’s personalities. Madonnas chair is quite detailed and reveals a sense of excitement and enjoyment. Miuccias chair has been inspired by a throne which directly links to the connotations of the crown like design of the elevator. Miuccia’s chair is a representation of sophistication, simplicity and maturity.

EXP 3: Second Peer Reviews

EXP 3: Final Draft Model

EXP 3: Initial Draft Model

Monday, June 1, 2009

EXP 3: Image Of DRAFT Madonna's Office in Unreal

I have not textured my environment yet and therefor the office is all one white coloured texture and is very difficult to see. I have taken this blue image so Madonna's DRAFT office will be easier to understand.

EXP 3: Madonna's Chair (incomplete)

EXP 3: DRAFT of Madonna's Chair

EXP 3: Peer Reviews on 26th May

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EXP 3: Research of Client 2: Madonna Louise Ciccone

The following facts amplify the idea of Madonna being an extensively POWERFUL individual:

  • Madonna has been regarded as "one of the greatest pop acts of all time" and named the "Queen of Pop" by various sources.

  • She is ranked by the Recording Industry Association of America as the best-selling female rock artist of the twentieth century and the second top-selling female artist in the United States with 63 million certified albums.

  • Guinness World Records list her as the world's most successful female recording artist of all time and the top-earning female singer in the world with an estimated net worth of US$490 million, having sold over 200 million records worldwide.

  • On March 10, 2008, she was initiated into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

EXP 3: Research of Client 1: Miuccia Bianchi Prada

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EXP 3: Pathways (Draft).

EXP 3: My Article Monster Mash.

Madonna tops's list of powerful moms in entertainment thanks to unparalleled
earnings of $110 million in 2008 and
3, 2008, he won the Democratic party presidential nomination, defeating
Hillary Rodham
a long Democratic
party primary contest
and now he's
changing the way we read.
Madonna's recent
book, "The English Roses", has become the
fastest-selling children's picture
book ever. It sold more than 10,000
copies in the UK in its first week

and turns it into a
luxury conglomerate that in 2002 had revenues of about $1.9 billion. Her
first manifested in the minimal black nylon backpack draped over
influential arm in the '90s once
He went on to attend law school, where
he became the first
African—American president of the Harvard Law Review and
constitutional law at the University of Chicago when
Her record company Maverick set up in 1992 has
helped raise her
fortune to an estimated $600m But
one thing
Prada the woman is unafraid of is a good
fight. And more often than not, she
wins when
he passed the first major ethics
reform in 25 years, cut taxes for
working families, and expanded health care for
children and their parents
45-year-old has
sold over 140 million albums, making her the
most successful female artist ever
because Over the following
decades, she turned
it from a sleepy store specialising
in leather luggage for wealthy Italians into
a fashion superpower, selling
clothes and accessories in nearly 80 countries
around the world and
in 2002, she received an entry
into the Encyclopaedia
Britannica as a modern day icon of pop.

‘His story is the American story’, Visited 10th May

‘Madonna is the most popular celebrity in 2006’, Visited 10th May

‘TH E P O W E R L I S T OF W O M E N I N F A S H I O N: Miuccia Prada Fashion's Auteur, True To Her Own Eye’, Visited 11th May

EXP 3.

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My UT2004 Map link to FileFront.

My Final Exp2 Unreal Environment Model can be accessed through the following link:

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Above View and Five Significant Shots Of My Final Unreal Environment.

Above view of Environment

The meeting place contains an atmosphere a lot different to that of the laboratories. The meeting place contains a significantly larger amount of mental and physical ‘clutter' representing two sets of thoughts coming together. The rectangular columns symbolise the physical and mental differences between both clients.The dark and mysterious atmosphere resembles the uncertain and unpredictable ideas and inventions both client’s could possibly create whilst together in this one location.

The Laboratory I have designed for Alfred Nobel directly relates to my client and his quote, “Home is where I work and I work everywhere.” Once you enter the laboratory, you are faced with a simple workspace which has a few features resembling a home environment and several structures directly relating to Nobel’s previous occupation as an iron and steel mill. These features allow Nobel to feel ‘at home’ when working within his laboratory.

Alfred Nobel’s ramp consists of both indoor and outdoor sections. Once the ramp cuts through the wall and enters the exterior, the ramp is no longer surrounded by walls, but instead by steel panel frames which represent Alfred Nobel’s past as a steel and metal mill. Alfred Nobel has undertaken intense studies of Dynamite and other explosive materials (represented in my environment through the use of 'explosive' colours) and to symbolise this considerable academic achievement and authority over others, I designed the ramp so that it slopes vertically and places Nobel’s laboratory quite high in the sky. To Further represent Nobel's personality and intensive study of explosive materials within the ramp, I used angled panels on either side of the ramp (as seen in the image above) with an intention to make the ramp look as though it has exploded from the wall and been patched up since with these panels.

My intention was to create a dynamic work space similar to Cousteau’s study of the diverse life of the underwater world. The transparent wall symbolises the obstacle and rewards of overcoming change which Cousteau explores in his quote. The Thin windows allow a lot of natural light to enter the laboratory and subsequently, an economical workspace which would appeal to Cousteau and support his strong view of earth as a fragile and limited space that needs to be preserved, is created. The upstairs space will allow Cousteau to continue his work freely and provide him with inspiration and comfort as the natural surroundings are visible.

I designed this ramp with an intention to address not only my client’s requirements in a practical and functional manner, but also my client’s quote. Jacques-Yves Cousteau is an elderly man and therefore requires a ramp which is easily accessible and easy to utilize. The style and physical features of the ramp such as the consecutive poles, were influenced by Cousteau’s exciting and diverse lifestyle and his main interests including film making and the underwater world. Cousteau The ramp will allow the movement and transporting of his film making equipment to be practical and efficient.