Monday, May 11, 2009

EXP 3: My Article Monster Mash.

Madonna tops's list of powerful moms in entertainment thanks to unparalleled
earnings of $110 million in 2008 and
3, 2008, he won the Democratic party presidential nomination, defeating
Hillary Rodham
a long Democratic
party primary contest
and now he's
changing the way we read.
Madonna's recent
book, "The English Roses", has become the
fastest-selling children's picture
book ever. It sold more than 10,000
copies in the UK in its first week

and turns it into a
luxury conglomerate that in 2002 had revenues of about $1.9 billion. Her
first manifested in the minimal black nylon backpack draped over
influential arm in the '90s once
He went on to attend law school, where
he became the first
African—American president of the Harvard Law Review and
constitutional law at the University of Chicago when
Her record company Maverick set up in 1992 has
helped raise her
fortune to an estimated $600m But
one thing
Prada the woman is unafraid of is a good
fight. And more often than not, she
wins when
he passed the first major ethics
reform in 25 years, cut taxes for
working families, and expanded health care for
children and their parents
45-year-old has
sold over 140 million albums, making her the
most successful female artist ever
because Over the following
decades, she turned
it from a sleepy store specialising
in leather luggage for wealthy Italians into
a fashion superpower, selling
clothes and accessories in nearly 80 countries
around the world and
in 2002, she received an entry
into the Encyclopaedia
Britannica as a modern day icon of pop.

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