Sunday, June 21, 2009

EXP 3: Final Images

Miuccia's space has been inspired by her Prada label's style of design. Prada had been referred to many as sophisticated and simple yet provocative. I intended to express these design ideas throughout the space. I have used linear and straight geometry througout most of the space to demonstrate the maturity and sophistication of Miuccia's power. The curved geometry that can be seen in the front of the space symbolises the roots in which Miuccia's Power grew from; fashion. This space directly relates to Prada as a status symbol, Pradas style being simple, mature and sophisticated and Miuccia's POWER involving wealth, dominance and respect.

The meeting space for Miuccia and Madonna demonstrates ideas of power linking together as one. The space is similar to the two client's spaces in regards to size and simplicity. The two colours used within the space symbolise the corregation that will occur of both women. Both clients are seated a fair distance away from each other to demonstrate the contrast in personalities and paths takes to attain power. Despite their different backgrounds, both women have an opportunity to do business together as symbolised through the rectangular beams connecting both sides of the table.

Similarly to Madonna's elevator, table and chair, her space is quite expressive of her power, dominance and success. The space draws its form from Madonna's dramatic and diverse career. The interior of her space reveals a simplistic and modern style that portrays her ownership of power in regards to wealth and musical success within society. This space is more free and expressive than Miuccia Prada's space and directly links to Madonna's personality and ownership of POWER.

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