Sunday, June 21, 2009

EXP 3: Final Table for Meeting Space

The table I have designed for the meeting space of Miuccia Prada and Madonna effectively links both clients and their attainment of power. As can be seen on the left side of the table, is the name PRADA, reinforcing the idea that personalisation equals power. On Prada’s side of the table, there is a curved base symbolising the smooth process Miuccia has experienced to attain the level of power she holds today. Although Miuccia had to prove to herself as a successful businesswoman to three male family members, once she began designing for Prada, her fashion became an instant success. Miuccia’s power can be seen in the form of the table that is simple, sophisticated and tidy. On madonna’s side of the table, an upside down pyramid type structure can be seen. This structure begins small and increases in size as it reaches closer to the table top. This development in size represents madonna’s slower process to attain power. Madonna began as an infamous singer and with each album release, gained more fans, more wealth and more POWER. The translucent table top allows both women to reflect on their journeys to present day and appreciate the power they currently hold.

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