Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Above View and Five Significant Shots Of My Final Unreal Environment.

Above view of Environment

The meeting place contains an atmosphere a lot different to that of the laboratories. The meeting place contains a significantly larger amount of mental and physical ‘clutter' representing two sets of thoughts coming together. The rectangular columns symbolise the physical and mental differences between both clients.The dark and mysterious atmosphere resembles the uncertain and unpredictable ideas and inventions both client’s could possibly create whilst together in this one location.

The Laboratory I have designed for Alfred Nobel directly relates to my client and his quote, “Home is where I work and I work everywhere.” Once you enter the laboratory, you are faced with a simple workspace which has a few features resembling a home environment and several structures directly relating to Nobel’s previous occupation as an iron and steel mill. These features allow Nobel to feel ‘at home’ when working within his laboratory.

Alfred Nobel’s ramp consists of both indoor and outdoor sections. Once the ramp cuts through the wall and enters the exterior, the ramp is no longer surrounded by walls, but instead by steel panel frames which represent Alfred Nobel’s past as a steel and metal mill. Alfred Nobel has undertaken intense studies of Dynamite and other explosive materials (represented in my environment through the use of 'explosive' colours) and to symbolise this considerable academic achievement and authority over others, I designed the ramp so that it slopes vertically and places Nobel’s laboratory quite high in the sky. To Further represent Nobel's personality and intensive study of explosive materials within the ramp, I used angled panels on either side of the ramp (as seen in the image above) with an intention to make the ramp look as though it has exploded from the wall and been patched up since with these panels.

My intention was to create a dynamic work space similar to Cousteau’s study of the diverse life of the underwater world. The transparent wall symbolises the obstacle and rewards of overcoming change which Cousteau explores in his quote. The Thin windows allow a lot of natural light to enter the laboratory and subsequently, an economical workspace which would appeal to Cousteau and support his strong view of earth as a fragile and limited space that needs to be preserved, is created. The upstairs space will allow Cousteau to continue his work freely and provide him with inspiration and comfort as the natural surroundings are visible.

I designed this ramp with an intention to address not only my client’s requirements in a practical and functional manner, but also my client’s quote. Jacques-Yves Cousteau is an elderly man and therefore requires a ramp which is easily accessible and easy to utilize. The style and physical features of the ramp such as the consecutive poles, were influenced by Cousteau’s exciting and diverse lifestyle and his main interests including film making and the underwater world. Cousteau The ramp will allow the movement and transporting of his film making equipment to be practical and efficient.

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